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5 Reasons to Use an Outsourced Bookkeeping Service

It’s no small decision revamping your company’s bookkeeping and bringing it into the 21st century but before you do that there are two questions you need to ask. First, what are the benefits of outsourcing your bookkeeping and moving it online? Second, are you ready to take the leap?

Not everybody agrees on the benefits of outsourcing bookkeeping and moving it online. Not least, if you choose the wrong firm—say, one that is focused on growing its client base above all else and at any cost—you can end up with a royal headache. If you can sidestep that landmine, though, outsourcing to a digital corporate services firm can save you time and money, and give you a better-than-ever understanding of your business.


Most businesses prefer not to broadcast their accounts but finding a dedicated accountant that is solid, that will stay with you long-term and that will keep your accounts confidential can be challenging. That’s why outsourcing to a digital corporate services firm that has a stable and happy client base of businesses like yours is a no-brainer to many entrepreneurs. A quick way to understand whether a digital corporate services firm takes confidentiality sufficiently seriously is to ask them for an introduction to an existing client or three.


New businesses often start out with fairly modest needs around bookkeeping. Once they start to scale, though, their needs can grow rapidly, and using an outsourced bookkeeping service gives them on-demand access to a full range of corporate services without having to hire or train new staff.

Training and Management

Very few entrepreneurs start businesses because they love doing professional accounting, and practically none embark on the entrepreneur’s roller coaster to train and manage bookkeepers. For one thing, most entrepreneurs aren’t bookkeepers or accountants, and they couldn’t train a bookkeeper even if they wanted to. That’s another big reason many repeat/serial entrepreneurs (us included) wouldn’t dream of building in-house accounting teams. Instead, they hire a digital corporate services firm to handle expenses, bills, bank reconciliations and all the other fiddly details that occupy the bulk of a bookkeeper’s day.

Make the best use of your time

When a business cost-effectively tries to save money by doing its own bookkeeping or entrusting it to a key employee, it creates a distraction, missing an opportunity to focus on reaching product-market fit before it runs out of capital or investors lose hope in the management team. To quote Sam Altman, president at early-stage investor Y Combinator: “We like to say that startup companies always die of suicide, not murder.”

One way to avoid early-stage suicide is to use a digital corporate services company, freeing up your time and money on maintaining your accounts ledger to double down on building the foundation for a sustainable company is a sound business decision. More and more successful startups are taking this route. So it’s worth considering for sure.

Tax and Audit-Ready Accounts

Using an outsourced bookkeeping service can feel like an extravagance at times. But not when tax season rolls around, as it does every year without fail. (The only two things you can rely on are death and taxes, etc.) Having accounts that keep tax inspectors, bankers, investors, and auditors happy is another key reason to entrust your accounts to a digital corporate services firm.

 So there’s plenty of reasons to outsource your bookkeeping to a digital corporate services firm. But it’s not for everybody. To find out whether it’s for you, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you use online banking?
Do you want to submit your expenses and bills with ease by your smartphone on the go?
Do you want to access your accounts securely on the go?
Do you prefer chatting online or on the phone immediately, rather than waiting for an in-person meeting?
Are you happier with a flat monthly rate versus uncapped hourly billing?

Answer no to any of these questions and digital corporate services (and Lanturn) might not be for you. However, if you’ve answered yes to any or all five questions and would like to know more about how Lanturn offers a comprehensive range of accounting and bookkeeping services in Singapore to high-growth startups, small companies, and asset management firms, please contact us to schedule a call with our client success team.

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