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Corporate Secretary

It's Business as Usual for Lanturn

Hello there! Due to the digital nature of our business, our operations are largely unaffected by the Circuit Breaker measures. This means we will be able to assist with corporate secretary services, including business incorporation, bank account opening and cheque deposits.

We realise that we are fortunate to be in this position. Here's a message from our founder, Veli Kattoulas, on what we may be able to do for your company. 

Even as we swelter in the year-round heat of Singapore, I believe most of us can feel the deep chill of the economic winter ahead. I’ve lived through a couple of crises before, and in these uncertain times I felt the need to do more than say: “Our thoughts are with you.” So, here are three things I am offering to our existing and new clients alike. I hope these make the difficult times we’re all facing a tiny bit easier. 

Free: 2 additional months for Renewals
For all of our existing clients who choose to renew their subscriptions with us during this period of time, you will automatically receive 2 additional months of service. This applies for advance renewals as well. This could save you more than $2,000. 

Free Cost-Optimization Consults
In the world of business, nothing is certain except compliance and taxes. That said, my team can still help streamline your necessary outlays. So, we’re providing existing and new clients with a free video consult to talk about how they can reduce their annual Corp Sec and Accounting costs. By switching to Lanturn, some of our SME and asset management clients have cut their Corp Sec and Accounting costs by more than 50%. 

Free Incorporation for the Brave Souls
Finally, among the hiring freezes and job cuts, some people may have no choice but to diversify or turn a side hustle into a full-time pursuit. As a repeat founder, I can empathise with the added uncertainties that a new business founder goes through. So, for any company that signs up for one of our Corp Sec plans, I am happy to cover your business registration costs. That’s a saving of $315. Not huge, I realize. But I hope it helps. 
Details here.

All offers mentioned here are available from now till whenever Singapore returns to Dorscon Green or better. Simply leave my team a message to initiate the conversation. Naturally, if you know any (aspiring) business owner who can use my team’s help, you’re more than welcome to direct them to this page.

Veli Kattoulas

(Adapted from a newsletter sent earlier in April 2020.)

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